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Annual Winter Fit Sale. Cleat Fit with Footbeds. $10 “Cleat Fit” with purchase of BG Footbeds. $40 Value! BG Fits 1/2 off. BG Fit Regularly $200. BG F.I.S.T Fit Regularly $250. BG Dartfish Fit Regularly $300. BG Dartfish F.I.S.T. Fit Regularly $350. Offered for Fits scheduled through the end of February. WINTER SALE. All bikes are on sale! Not Just 2010 Closeouts! Save up to 15% on selected 2011 bicycles. Save up to 35% on 2010 bicycles.




Free Advantage 2 Helmet with any new Cervelo purchase. $160 Value!
Specialized TriCross Comp
Specialized TriCross Comp

If you're looking for Vanguard review and other brokers a cyclocross bike for fitness, commuting and touring… [more]

  Trek Presidio (Gary Fisher Collection)
Trek Presidio (Gary Fisher Collection)

Trek's Presidio is built for the hour of pain that is cyclocross as well… [more]

CycleOps PowerBeam Pro
CycleOps PowerBeam Pro

CycleOps' PowerBeam Pro turns a few feet of extra space into a world-class… [more]

  Specialized Boy's Hotrock 16 Coaster
Specialized Boy's Hotrock 16 Coaster

Specialized's Boy's Hotrock 16 Coaster packs big-time fun into a… [more]

Trainer Sale: 15% Off All Models

CycleOps: Powerbeam, Supermagneto Pro, Jetfluid Pro, Fluid², Magneto, Mag+ With/out Adjuster, and the Wind Trainer.

Kurt Kinetic: Rock and Roll, Road Machine, Kinetic Magnetic, and the Cyclone.

Blackburn: Tech Fluid Trainer, Tech Mag 6 Trainer, and the Trackstand Mag 3.

For all other trainer options and locations of current in stock trainers, please call store for details.

Specialized Knows Cyclocross Bikes!

You'll love your Specialized cyclocross bicycle!
Specialized cyclocross bikes redefine what's possible on two skinny tires. Exhibiting the same legendary design, craftsmanship and quality of their road and mountain bikes, their cross machines handle like a dream, are built to last and are ready to put you on the podium. Come check them out soon to appreciate the Specialized difference.


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